Nutritional Supplementation – Part 1 - Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall

by Drs. Gurney & Marina Pearsall 14. June 2014 12:30

drs. g and m pearsall

The key to living a long, healthy life is dependent upon providing nutrients to our cells while protecting them from toxins. Our diet cannot provide the nutrients our cells need, however. For example, if you need one thousand milligrams of vitamin C, you would have to eat twenty oranges. If you need fifty milligrams of B6, you would have to eat twenty pounds of liver. As mentioned, genetic manipulation of plants, chemical pollution and poor digestive function robs our food of its nutritional value.

Because drugs operate as blocking agents, they can function alone. Vitamins, however, are facilitating or enabling agents, so they require the presence of other nutrients. Patients with HTN, heart disease and DM produce enormous levels of free radicals especially need to take vitamins as a group because single vitamins become oxidized, turning into free radicals.  Another great example of the fallacy of taking supplements individually has been shown with Calcium supplements. “Given alone, Calcium supplements improve bone mineral density, but they are ineffective in reducing the risk of fractures and might even increase risk, they might increase the risk of cardiovascular events, and they do not reduce mortality," John Cleland, MD, of the University of Hull in England, and colleagues wrote in an editorial published with the study. Only when taken as a complex, nutrients are effective and so much safer than drugs. As a group, they assist your metabolism; drugs interfere with it.

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